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Young Ballet Dancer

Ballet & Tap Combo

Basic ballet and tap technique using an imaginary and creative style of teaching to encourage the children to stretch and strengthen their bodies. This develops ttheir power of concentration, teaches them to take direction and cooperate with a group. It also exposes students to all type of music.


Basic limbering and body strengthening exercises to create a stronger dancer with concentration on technique and style. Basic jazz is learned along with turns, leaps, and jazz combinations.

*Dancers are required to be in a ballet/tap combo or ballet class to register for jazz.

Leaping Dancer

Perform a fusion of ballet and jazz inspired steps and combinations set to contemporary music.  This class fosters artistry, musical interpretation, fluidity and expression.  

*Dancers are required to be in a ballet/tap combo or ballet class to register for lyrical/contemporary.

Ballerinas Sitting in a Circle
Pre-Pointe & Pointe
Technique class for the serious dancer to help strenthen the body to dance Sur La Pointe. Students must be recommended for this class. Black leotard and pink tights must be worn to all Pointe classes.
Exercises given to create limberness, balance, strength and coordination as needed to achieve all tumbling moves taught from basic to advanced aerial work. 
pom girl.jpg
Pom Pons
Dance and Pom coordination movements developing keen mentality, formations, routines and parade work are taught.  Students usually participate in the Belleville Santa Claus and the Shriners Parade.  
hip hop.jpeg
Hip Hop
Learn the hottest new moves in hip hop class.  Dancers move beyond the basics to focus on expression and execution.  Isolations, pop and lock and other techniques are also covered.  Fun class for everyone. 
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